About Educational IRAP

Supported by the École normale supérieure of the University of Yaoundé 1, the Project for Educational Adaptation, Resilience and Innovation (PARI) in the context of crisis and the digital age (abbreviated, Educational PARI) is a response to a call for projects from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), as part of the Knowledge and Innovation Sharing Program (KIX). The project was funded over a 33-month period, beginning April1, 2021.


The objective of the Educational IRAP is to generate and mobilize innovative knowledge to address regional educational challenges in Cameroon, Central African Republic and Chad. This action is in line with KIX’s goal of strengthening national education systems and accelerating educational progress in the South by improving their capacity to generate and use evidence and innovation.

The KIX program is divided into 4 regional clusters among which the Africa 21 cluster which is a consortium of 21 countries among which Cameroon, Central African Republic and Chad. In these countries, primary education is marked by ineffective professional development approaches, which affect its quality. New avenues are therefore needed for the development of efficient and inclusive pre-service and in-service teacher education practices. To address these issues, the Pedagogical IRAP proposes to design, implement and reinforce innovative content and governance arrangements for training trainers (contract and community teachers) in a bi-lingual context in a hybrid format, and from an inclusive and differentiated perspective. With the prominence of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education, the project proposes a process for the adoption of a digital learning environment (DLE) for in-service training of contract and community teachers.

Vision / Principles

The project adopts a research-action strategy by offering a space for creation, exchange, reflection, deepening, co-construction and experimentation focused on the learning experience in the context of pedagogical and curricular innovations. This allows us to promote networking and interdisciplinarity, to enhance teaching/learning practices in a digital environment, to use research to inform, improve and support practices, to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in a bi-lingual context and to break isolation.

Our strategy

It will adopt an action research approach by :

    • Identification or validation of the problem or need as presented in the project document;
    • establishing an action plan;
    • implementation of the action plan ;
    • evaluation of the effects of the action and analysis of the results ;
    • the conclusion of research and the sharing of results.

The project also intends to participate in the KIX Research Project on Scaling the Impact of Innovations in Education (ROSIE). To this end, the research team, beginning with this first 1100 component, will take a participatory action research and complementary research approach to generate evidence, conceptual guidance, and expert support to improve the quality and outcomes of IRAP’s scaling-up efforts, planned for the final phase of the project. The activities below will take this into account.

Our partners

Technical partner in charge of the development of ENA

Graduate School of Advanced Techniques for Development

Research Partners

École normale supérieure of N’Djamena

École normale supérieure of Bangui

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Key publications to understand IRAP

Development of a scaling-up strategy for ENA of the Pedagogical IRAP for CAR

Development of a scaling-up strategy for ENA of the Pedagogical IRAP for CAR

The actors of the Pedagogical IRAP met from April 6 to 7, 2023, in Bangui, Central African Republic, for a workshop on strengthening the resilience of inclusive governance by mobilizing training engineering skills in a digital environment, with a view to improving the quality of teaching and learning through the training of so-called “community teachers”.

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