Word from the Senior Project Manager

Pr Annie Sylvie WAKATA

The Ecole Normale Supérieure of Yaoundé 1, host of the PARI Pedagogical Project, is very honored to host this initiative.

Firstly, The Ecole Normale Supérieure of the University of Yaoundé 1, in its missions of research, teaching and support to development, seized this opportunity offered by IDRC to write and submit a reference document containing all the elements of analysis of the general context of primary education in Central Africa and particularly in the three countries of Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Chad

Second, primary education in Central Africa is marked by ineffective professional development approaches, which affect its quality. New avenues are therefore needed for the development of efficient and inclusive pre-service and in-service teacher education practices. To this end, the Pedagogical IRAP aims to design and implement innovative content and governance mechanisms to train trainers in a bi-lingual context in a hybrid format and from an inclusive and differentiated perspective.

The Pedagogical IRAP therefore intends to put in place and strengthen innovative content and governance arrangements to generate effective educational practices for the training of trainers applicable in Cameroon, Central African Republic and Chad.

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